Don’t Get Caught By Property Fraud

September 2017

Courtyard Solicitors have been informed by the UK’s Land Registry and the Law Society, about the ever-increasing incidents of property fraud.

There are many risks surrounding property and registration fraud which are highlighted in their recent publication, Property and title fraud. The report provides helpful information to help solicitors prevent property fraud.

The advice identifies out a variety of emerging fraud threats, explaining the ways criminals are attempting to defraud conveyancing solicitors and provides helpful examples to show solicitors potential danger signs of property fraud.

A spokesman for the Land Registry explains that due to property having a high value it is appealing target for criminals. The priority of the Land Registry is to ensure the prevention of fraudulent registrations.

Joe Egan, president of the Law Society said  ‘While successful instances of fraud against solicitors are rare, the whole profession must maintain constant vigilance against those who try to defraud them,’

‘Solicitors have an important role to play in protecting themselves and their clients from fraud. While it can seem a burden, it is part of the extra value our clients know they get when dealing with a solicitor,’ he explained.

According to the National Statistics, in recent years fraud has become increasingly significant and the most commonly experienced crime in the UK, with over three million cases reported in the UK last year.

Sean White, Senior Partner at Courtyard Solicitors said; "We will always ensure that we are constantly up to date with the latest developments in fraud technology to give our clients the peace of mind when purchasing a property."

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